Brand: SAI-U Model: SC0030Y
Min. Order : 1 Pieces
Quantity :
Total : 3495.00 SAR
Product Details

To help protect your people and facility from a potential fire,
® safety cabinets are designed to safely store flammable fuels, solvents and chemicals.
Our products are designed to meet fire codes and safety regulations which helps reduce the risk of a damaging fire in your workplace.


Safety Cabinet plays an important role : 

• Keep dangerous chemicals safely organized and reduce fire risks

• Ensure safe evacuation time in the event of a fire
• Make dangerous chemicals more recognizable, stored orderly and properly-stores
• Improve efficiency by locating materials near point-of-use
• Enhance fire safety through locking mechanism and fireproof and explosion-proof vent
• Meets NFPA, OSHA and FM standards

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